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Overall, the Puffin Browser App is one of the best browsers you can use when you’re not happy with the ones that already come predefined on your smartphone or tablet. No matter if you have an Android or an Apple device, you’ll be able to use a very fast browser that is secure.

 One of the features that put the Puffin Browser aside from its competitors is the ability to watch Flash videos. However, it’s only free for two weeks, within the free trial period. After that, you’ll need to pay a fee.

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Puffin Browser Review:

  • Very fast;
  • Highly customizable;
  • Supports Flash;
  • The addition of the TrackPad and the GamePad;
  • You can even use it with a non-protected and public Wi-Fi network.
  • The advertisement pop-ups that appear randomly;
  • You need to pay to be able to have the Flash support.
  • The bookmarks import function on Android isn’t supported.

Despite you have an Android or an Apple mobile device, sometimes you just think that the main browser that comes installed and ready to be used just could be better. Thinking about this common complaint, many companies decided to develop their own browsers specifically designed for mobile devices. And one of the best is, without any question, the Puffin Browser App.

App Interface / Usability:

After you download the Puffin Browser App and when you open it for the first time, you’ll be able to see a quick tutorial explaining you all the features that the browser includes.

The layout of the browser is great and it has a clutter free appearance. You’ll be able to find the different features very easily so you won’t have any problems using it. You’ll also be able to customize these features.

One thing that most users just don’t like is the fact that you’ll see some annoying pop-ups with advertisements showing up randomly.

Just like most browsers, the home page shows you the Most Visited Pages as well as the links to some popular websites like YouTube, Wikipedia, or Ebay.


The Puffin Browser App has a lot of features that you can use. One that stands out is the ability for you to use a GamePad or a TrackPad. All you need to do is to click on the GamePad or TrackPad icon, depending if you’re using the Puffin Browser on an Android or Apple device, respectively.

When you click on the GamePad icon, you’ll see a good layout displaying on the screen. You can even define some functions for each of the buttons by using the Settings menu. In case you want to use the TrackPad instead, the easiness is exactly the same. One of the main advantages of using the TrackPad is that you’ll be able to draw some images using your finger, on the compatible websites.

Another important feature that is well-worth mentioning and that is unique to the Puffin Browser App is the Adobe Flash support. Despite it doesn’t support Flash Games, you’ll be able to watch Flash videos with an amazing sound quality. However, and despite this is a great feature that works well, you can only have it for free if you sign up for a 2-week trial. After this period ends, you’ll need to pay if you want to keep using it.

The Puffin Browser App is one of the fastest browsers on the market. However, you may notice some lag when you’re using a search engine, for example.

The Puffin Browser App also includes a high protection for their users. Their servers ate encrypted which will protect you from hackers attacks. You can even use the browser on a public Wi-Fi network without any problems.

As already mentioned, the Puffin Browser App has a lot of different settings that you can customize. And although you might be able to find most of the features that you would naturally expect to find, one of the problems of this app is concerned with the Bookmarks feature. Despite this depends whether you’re using an Android or an Apple mobile device, importing bookmarks may be a little difficult when you’re using an Android phone or tablet. However, the problem is only with the import function. When you want to add a new one or see the ones you already saved, it couldn’t be any easier.

Differences Between Android & iOS Versions:

The Puffin Browser App is available both on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store. Despite they share almost all the same functionalities, there are some differences between the two. While in the Android version, you’ll have the ability to have add-on functions like Facebook, Pocket, translator, Evernote, among others as well as the ability to change the color themes for the sidebar and toolbar, these aren’t available on the Apple version. However, the Apple version also has some features that aren’t included on the Android version like the ability to change the Flash quality, the new tabs browsing feature and the ability to synchronize your Chrome bookmarks automatically.

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Review Master Score: 86/100 Points
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