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Periscope provides an easy solution to stream from your Android. It can reach more audiences who can be customers or your friends. As the program offers simplicity and more control over content, it’s the strength to replace other social networking stations. Twitter has tweaked the program with little amount of detailing and it has made the app encounter fascinating.

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Periscope Review:


Perhaps the biggest benefit of live streaming using Periscope is that it’s super simple. Just download the app, sign up, and you can start a broadcast with a single tap. No setup, no specialized equipment, no complex wiring, no coding required: it’s basically plug and play.


Just as the simplicity of Periscope is a major pro, it’s also a considerable con. Even compared with other basic, free live streaming services like YouTube (which is also relatively easy), Periscope is almost too simple. The lack of settings makes the app great for casual use, but more discerning or demanding users will not be happy with the lack of options.

Twitter launched a live video streaming app called "Periscope" for Android.

Periscope is a helpful app for people who want to broadcast their videos to the general public or family and friends. The program is fantastic for sharing things happening on the planet, such as sporting event, such as one's graduation, or to an individual.


Global Live Stream

When you open the app, it shows the extensive list of live broadcasts. Some programs are not unlikely to be a close match for your streams that are earlier. And a few of the programs are not unlikely to be recommended based on the buddies you follow. It’s not perfect idea system by yet, but it works to show you some live broadcast that is fascinating.

Broadcast Map:

Another tab at the top menu opens the Google maps showing the place of the live broadcast. You can get the set of individuals broadcasting by just click the number icon. You find out more broadcasters from any location by zoom into the Google map location. As an example, let us say New York has approximately 30 live stream broadcasters for you then might need to be zoom in to see them. Browsing the map is not difficult and makes things more fascinating as we can narrow down the broadcast search.


The abusive words can’t be filtered by periscope comments as of yet. So surely that is something that might stop individuals from utilizing the app. It does, however, offer you an alternative to block while streaming, the user who’s harassing you. You can also limit the streaming to a particular group of individuals. And in case you like, then defining the stream by amounts is also possible. Periscope system, if locates any specific stream getting too many viewers, then it reduces the opinion ability for new stream viewers.

Language Support:

Periscope has an easy solution to localization issues with programs. In case the language is supported by your mobile so does the program. It’s possible for you to title the stream or your name utilizing the local area language. Also, it supports a different kind of emoji. It’s possible for you to use system emoji for description and the title. You can update the location information through the hosting of stream information.

Private Session:

You’re not social on a platform like Periscope through a private session. But this characteristic is advantageous for businesses that who want to host in-house stream sessions. Additionally, it may be a good option for families or friends who wish to have some privacy.

Periscope allows you to click on the screen to reveal likes. The more you tap, the more hearts were created on the screen. As well as the color of the heart stream alters. If you are operating a stream then by selecting user profiles, you get to block users. Periscope fixes the screen that is following depending on the way you handle your mobile. By doing this, you do not have to worry about how precisely the display screen auto rotates during the broadcasting.

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