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As one of the most prominent names in the industry, the App is one of the best apps when you’re looking for a hotel. With so many information, an easy to use the filtering system, and the ability to save some hotels as your favorites, are just some of the best features it offers. Plus, the fact that the App didn’t forget to add the special discounts only to app users make it even better because it will allow you to save a lot.

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  • The user experience couldn’t be better
  • The amount of information and the way it displays it allow users to search for the best hotels quickly
  • The deal of the day is an exclusive for the app users.

The only thing we can say is that there is always room to evolve. However, we can’t seem to find anything that isn’t already covered with the app. Android app is the simple, quick and safe method to book your ideal hotel. App is user-friendly and supplies a lot of choices to get the finest rooms all over the world, regardless of what your preferences are. targets resorts, providing you with extended sorting features, affordable costs and a lot of support options that will help you reserve a dream room.


Whether when you’re planning a weekend getaway, a vacation, or a business trip, the App can be all you need to find the best place to stay.

Despite on the last few years many travel apps appeared in the market, the App remains as one of the best in its category. With a good layout, fast to load and providing you with so many options, you should consider using the App

App Interface / Usability:

The App is very easy to use. It’s highly intuitive and you’ll find everything that you need very quickly and usually only one tap away.

You’ll have 3 different ways to find your hotel quickly. You can either search based on your location, based on the destination, or by checking the best deals, which can also be sorted by city or location. Once you choose the place where you want to stay, the App will then prioritize the different hotels. In this list, you’ll be able to see the name of the hotel, the star rating, and the nightly price. But the information provided doesn’t end here. The App will also show you the rooms and lobby images. Besides this, you can also switch the app to the map view. This might be especially important for people who are having a short trip and want to make the best out of the time. By looking at the map view, you’ll see all the hotels spread and this might be easier for you to choose the best location, according to the other places you want to visit.


Saving your preferred hotels is very easy when you’re using the App simply by using the slide-out menu of the app. All you need to do is to tap on the pin icon and it will create you a favorites list. This is a great option when you already stayed in a hotel that you enjoyed and want to repeat the experience, when a friend recommends you a hotel, or when you simply don’t have the time to go through all the options at the moment and you can later see the results of your search.

With the App, you’ll be able to see all the details you need to make a good hotel decision. You’ll be able to see the address, phone number, any photos users may have taken, and a list for each room price and type. In case you’re looking for a hotel that accepts dogs, for example, or a special facility, the App will also help you.

When you finally decide about the hotel, just tap on the Book Now button and you can then decide if you pay through the app or just on the hotel.

An extra functionality that is available on the App is the “deal of the day”. In this section, you can find all the rooms with major discounts. Please notice that these discounts usually last for 24 hours. These offers are exclusive to the app users.

Differences Between Android & iOS Versions:

The App is listed either on the Play Store as well as on the App Store. The features of both are very similar and there is only one substantial difference among the two. While when you use the iOS version of the app, you can pay for your hotel using Apple Pay, when you’re using the Android version, you will need to pay using Paypal, or credit card.

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Review Master Score: 95/100 Points
Author: LP
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