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When you prefer to use a third-party flashlight, you need something that works for all occasions. And this is the case of the Super-Bright LED Flashlight App. With a highly intuitive interface, it will seem like you’re holding a handheld flashlight in your hands. And since it uses a powerful LED light, you can rest assured that it will do what you require.

Available on both Android and iOS stores, you’ll be able to use all the features for free, without any extra cost. Even the strobe/blinking mode is available for free while in other flashlight apps it’s not even included or you need to pay for it.

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Flashlight App Review:

  • Extremely practical to use;
  • Amazing interface and control;
  • It brights up what you need with a LED light;
  • The strobe/blinking mode;
  • No malware or odd permissions.

There’s really no con to state. The fact is that nothing is perfect but we can’t add any con here.

There's no doubt that as we see the smartphones and tablets evolving, the flashlights are usually something that is already included. However, many people still prefer to have a third party app for this purpose. So, not surprisingly, you can find a lot of flashlights in both Android and iOS stores for free.

However, there's one main problem that affects most flashlights: the shady permissions. When a flashlight app needs your permission to get call information, your device ID, find your exact location, or access your media files, you should definitely avoid it. It will try to access information that it doesn't require to and can even have malware.

One of the best flashlights in the market is the Super-Bright LED Flashlight App. It already has a huge number of fans and you don't need to worry about any odd permissions.

While the Google Play Store has an endless selection of free Android apps, it’s no secret that a lot of them have malware or shady permissions which give them more access than they require. Some examples of extra permissions in most flashlight apps include the ability to find out your exact location, access your photos/media files on storage and view your device ID and call information.

App Interface / Usability:

When you’re using the Super-Bright LED Flashlight App, you’ll notice that your experience will be very similar to when you’re actually using a basic handheld flashlight in your hand.

With a simple slide of the on-screen switch, you will activate the beam. One of the main features of the flashlight is that you can easily adjust the strobe effect intensity. All you need to do is to swipe the top of the screen to the right or to the left.

It’s easy to conclude that the usability of the Super-Bright LED Flashlight App couldn’t be any better.


There are two amazing features that the Super-Bright LED Flashlight App has. The first one is that it seems like you’re actually holding a handheld flashlight. The second one is that uses a LED light. And the fact that you can also use the strobe/blinking mode is absolutely fantastic since this is one option that most other free flashlights apps don’t include.

Differences Between Android & iOS Versions:

You can easily find the Super-Bright LED Flashlight App in both the Google Play Store as well as in the Apple App Store. There are no differences between the two versions that are worth to mention.

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