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When you’re looking to have the complete control over your library, the FBReader App is the perfect candidate. Allowing you to read multiple formats and to easily synchronize all your platforms on all your devices, it’s definitely an option. However, the down points are that it’s not very customizable when you want to take advantage of the reader and it sure is missing the app for the App Store.

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FBReader Review:

  • It’s an Open Source and free platform;
  • The FBReader network, which allows you to control your library on all your devices and across the different platforms;
  • The App runs smoothly and fast;
  • It already has some catalogs enabled to save you time;
  • It’s a great app for traditional text, as well as for comic book readers;
  • The free synchronization is definitely a plus that allows you to be in control.
  • The settings menu is not very clear;
  • It should be more customizable, especially in terms of fonts;
  • Despite the FBReader App is intuitive in most part, it just feels a little too basic, especially when you compare it with other apps in the store;
  • The FBReader App is very quickly when you’re downloading an ebook. But it can be a mess when you’re downloading external apps;
  • The iOS app is still missing.

Reading ebooks on tablets and smartphones is becoming more popular every day. People simply want to have all their ebooks in one place, well organized and accessible to enjoy their reading where they want, and when they want. With this in mind, the FBReader App is a great choice.

Despite most people know the fbreader.org website, you can now also have the FBReader App. Supporting many different formats including FictionBook, EPUB, zTxt, RTF, mobi without DRM, plucker, plain-text, PalmDoc, CHM, OEB, HTML, and TCR, you'll be able to open most ebooks here.

Overall, the FBReader App allows you to have access to all the other catalogs as well as synching each catalog between all your platforms and devices, as well as the ability to buy new books.

The FBReader App is only available for Android.

App Interface / Usability:

When you download and install the FBReader App, you’ll get to the Instructions Screen. Here, you’ll be able to see how the app works and how you can take the best advantage out of it. When you’re done, just head into the menu and you’ll be able to see all the things that were explained in the Introduction screen.

The FBReader App makes its difference with the catalogs and you can never be bored when you’re searching for a new book. You can expect to see a wide variety of titles. When you find something that you like, you’ll be able to see a synopsis as well as the cover of the ebook.

And if you want to have control over your library across all your devices and platforms, the FBReader App is just perfect. Make sure that you look at the settings so that you can customize everything and have all the things working just as you like.


The FBReader App has 2 versions – a free and a premium version. While the free version is ad-free, the paid version of the app supports built-in translation using either Yandex services or Google Translate.

When you’re using the FBReader App for the first time, you’ll see they already have some catalogs defined which will cut the time spent organizing and synchronizing your library across the multiple platforms and devices.

Despite it allows a certain degree of customization when you’re reading an ebook, it stays a little behind when compared to other similar apps in the Google Play Store. They allow OpenType and External TrueType fonts and they support 16 different languages which is quite good.

When you’re using the FBReader App, you can enable a browser to download your ebooks and it includes 5 popular libraries – French, English, Chinese, Polish, and Russian. They also support different external dictionaries, like the FreeDictionary.org, Fora Dictionary, LEO dictionary, and all Slovoed dictionaries (by Paragon Software).

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