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Should you use Daily Horoscope? Depending on your beliefs of Horoscopes, this app is made for you. But if you don’t believe in Horoscopes, you can still find this as being a daily motivation. Even though my views on Horoscopes is conflicted, some of the personality traits tied to my Horoscope are a pretty accurate representation of me.

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Daily Horoscope Review:


Daily Horoscope is an amazing app if you’re interested in learning the meaning of the of year, month, or day you were born in. It runs extremely smooth and doesn’t seem to have any effect on your smartphone’s overall battery life. The user interface is easy to navigate ,and switching between Horoscopes is easy and fluid.


Even though I have personally never experienced any ads when using this app, some users experience ads. And on some of the older versions of Android devices the app can take a while to boot-up ,but this rarely happens.

Your personality is defined by the month, day, and year you were born. Our willing to learn, love, and gain ambition are reliable on the month and time you were born in. Now many might call this absurd ,but this is how many people believe how personality is possessed. Unlike many people that believe that our environment and genes shapes personality and motivation, others believe that our month is the answer to these traits. Horoscopes from Chinese and Zodiac gives deep sophisticated meaning into the month you were born in and how it shapes the way you behave.


Among the many types of Horoscopes, Zodiac signs are the most popular in the United States. Every Zodiac sun sign corresponds to the month and day you were born in. Depending on what month and day you were born in, you are either an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,Llibra Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Including the Chinese Horoscopes, knowing the exact month, day, and year for every sign can be a lot to memorize. Even the most hardcore believers of Horoscopes, can find it hard constantly keeping track of every new meaning that each day brings.

Luckily, there are many Horoscope apps made for the task ,but by far the best app you can find is Daily Horoscope.

Daily Tracking

Daily Horoscope updates you on the zodiac signs that falls on whichever month or day that corresponds. It will give you what the day means with an inspirational meaning within said month and date depending on your Horoscope (but every quote is inspirational).

The interface is simple and installing and running the app takes no longer than 2 minutes. It’s great on giving you a welcoming motivation to get you throughout your daily routine. For example, my birthday is April 7, so this means I’m an Aries. Then, all I will have to do is click on my Horoscope to get full detail of the characteristics and personality of my Zodiac Horoscope for the following day. In addition, you will be asked if you would like to receive daily messages on the Zodiac of your choosing. This works for Chinese Horoscope to ,but it must be noted that Chinese Horoscopes follows the Chinese calendar. Once this feature is activated, you will get a notification that re-directs you toward the app to read your daily Horoscope inspiration. In my honest opinion, this isn’t anything more than a motivation app that ,yet it’s so well written and descriptive that it can boost your day no matter your belief of Horoscopes. The app as a whole doesn’t take any type of payment and with my experience there were no advertisements whatsoever.


This app runs smooth but that isn’t surprising ,because, the app isn’t anything more but icons and standard text. Also, you won’t have to worry about privacy, like stated before, this app doesn’t need any information. The app notifications doesn’t seem to drain battery; it automatically shuts down once the app is close ,and the notification it sends you for your daily Horoscope reading won’t effect your battery at all.

Are they accurate?

Like stated before, I am an Aries. Which stated by my Zodiac sign, means that I attack everything head-on. I am a national born leader and gets everything done ,even if I procrastinate on it for a while. The symbol is a ram horns and the Aries are the first of the fire symbol. Now this seems to fit my personality accurately ,and I took this information with honor. Then, their is a feature where you can compare you and your spouse Horoscopes to see if you guys are a match. I put my sign and my girlfriends sign (shes a Libra) ,and surprise, surprise it said we are a perfect match.

daily-horoscope settings


Of course I’m conflicted by Horoscopes ,but I’m sure firm believers of Horoscopes will get a kick out of this information. I think it’s one big Placebo effect but I don’t speak for the general population that thinks it isn’t.

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