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Yes! Credit Karma is an amazing app to monitor your credit score. With notifications and fraud alerts, Credit Karma makes a once difficult thing to track easy.

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Author: Credit Karma, Inc.
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Credit Karma Review:


It runs the swiftest on the Android application even on the more low end Galaxy devices. It smooth and you never feel any stability issues when running on most Galaxy devices. Otherwise, it’s very alike to the iOS version.


It’s a great learning tool for anybody that needs help managing or knowing how to manage their credit score. Its smooth and user friendly and is a trusted organization that has been around for a total of nine years. It’s a education and a good app all wrapped into one amazing exclusive package. It is completely free and warns you with a notification, sent to your phone, whenever any type of suspicious activities happens within your personal account.


The Android app has small crashing issues due to its constant updates due to various bugs. Also Credit Karma ask for access to your personal files which can be worrisome and unwanted for most users. While it can run great on low spec Android phones, it has issues setting up an account on some devices.


There are occurrences of Credit Karma being off on up to 100 points. While this is rare, it can be harmful for people that have limited access to their back account and having to put a lot of their trust into this app.

Financing money for millennials

Controlling your money through a software would've been looked down upon if this was ten years ago. But this is now, and it is considered to be the norms of financing your money. Credit Karma is extraordinarily useful and one of the few companies that has been around since 2007, and managing to maintain its reputation and drive.

The simplicity of its app design makes keeping up with your credit score extremely easy. Keeping up with your credit score is important and for millennials it's just contempt and necessary. Checking your credit scores wherever you are with a simple app isn't just revolutionary but its useful to.

How the app works

First launching the app you are asked for your first name, last name, and email address. Afterwards, they will begin asking for small amount of your personal information ,but not your credit card, they are strict on privacy and will be able to access your credit score with the information you give them. After you are in the app and they confirm your information, diving into your credit reports is simple and are shown as they are. You can manage your information on the go and the useful alerts sent to you when something fishy is going on with your credit card. If your credit score is bad they will tell you why and how to fix it and if it’s in the green Credit Karma will teach you how to maintain it. It’s user-friendly and can keep your credit card information out of your mind knowing that it’s in safe hands. Extraordinarily with all of these amazing features it’s free and you can’t be mad about that.

Designs that we love to see

The design of the app is gorgeous and user-friendly. You can go from checking your credit score to your fraud reports in a instance. The notifications they send on your current credit score status is frequent but not as frequent where it becomes an annoyance. The design is blue and it has a surreal feeling to it. It’s extremely fast and the simple layout is stunning ,and even on the low end phones like the Samsung Grand Prime it runs incredibly smooth. Even the way you check your credit score is incredibly simple and a novelty, it’s a wheel where the red is bad and the green is good. When the developers were designing this they obviously had the consumer in mind, it’s the most polished app you can will be able to own. It also tutors you in detail explaining each section to explain to the non novice users what they are seeing/getting.

How to keep up with your Credit Score

Your credit score is important if you plan on any large purchases like buying a car, a house, or obtaining a loan from your bank. Whenever you plan on seeing your credit score just open the app. Every little purchase you make can be shown and it will also show how it effects your credit score. The most obvious causes of bad credit is debt, foreclosures, and bankruptcy. This app really goes into depth of your credit score to the very exact dollar amount. And even the simpler things like your age, inaccuracies, or never asking for a loan; affects your credit score to a greater power which the Credit Karma website explains. This is extremely convenient for the uneducated individuals in financial situations (which is everyone above the age of 18)that was never taught how to maintain a good credit score.

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dani michelle paris-merlino
dani michelle paris-merlino

need Credit Karma to give me my true credit scores for free

Jim Dragon

Request credit score

Kathy lescantz

I would like my credit score.

Columbus Leveringston Jr.
Columbus Leveringston Jr.

Need to view my credit info.

Victor Loya-Quintana

Can I see my credit score?


look to ez I love it


I did forgot my password .

Mariann Lester

I had my free credit score and a report of two outstanding accounts. I paid them off and now I can’t get on this site again.


Having trouble signing into my account .It says I am not putting the right pass word .

Suzan M Colley

I need to review my credit score/history periodically without having to pay to do so.

barbara webb

I can’t get logged on to Credit Karma it says they are taking to long.


I have never did this before so yes it’s my first time doing anything like I would like to know how to get a loan?so if you have any information please let me know.