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When you’re looking to meet ladies, the Badoo App can be a great place to get started. You can either choose to select the “candidates” yourself, or simply ask Badoo for a little help. Either way, the app will consider your interests and make sure that the people it shows you share the same interests with you, making you to a perfect match.

Despite some people may feel bothered with the use of the Badoo App, this is a very easy to use and intuitive app that can be quite handy when you’re searching for the right person.

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Badoo App Review:

  • Great app for meeting people;
  • Highly intuitive and easy to use;
  • It’s free;
  • Meet people from all over the world;
  • Meet people who share the same interests with you near your location.
  • Some people might feel uncomfortable knowing they are being seen by someone using the Badoo App.

The Badoo website appeared back in 2006 as a place for "social discovery". As all businesses, Badoo also evolved and it's now a popular dating website. So, with the goal to make dating available all the time for their users, they launched the Badoo App that you can currently download from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store.

Present in 190 countries and with more than 300 million users, there’s almost no doubt that the Badoo App is a success. Despite covering so many countries, the fact remains that Badoo has a major presence in the Latin America and some European countries.

When you’re trying to meet some ladies, the Badoo App can be a great starting point.

App Interface / Usability:

Once you download the Badoo App, you need to register for an account. In case you want to sign up using your Facebook account, you can do so and it will be even easier since Badoo will take care of most everything from you. The Badoo App will retrieve your location, age, job, and any photos you have on your Facebook account.

But you can also make your profile more complete and fill in some more personal details like your appearance (weight, height, hair color, eyes color, and build), your relationship status, if you have kids, who do you live with, your sexuality, and even if you drink or smoke.

Besides all this information, you still have one paragraph to write something about you as well as the section where you can select your hobbies or interests. Since the Badoo search to match you with other people is based on these interests, you might want to dedicate some time selecting the right ones.


The Badoo App allows you to find someone who has common interests with you. And the way it works is fairly simple. You basically have two different ways to meet people:

People Nearby:

When you choose this option, the Badoo App will show you a grid of people who is currently near you and who share the same interests with you. When you click on one of these images, you can either start a chat or simply like their profile. Another cool thing the Badoo App does is that it will also show you the users who you’ve come across to and tell you the exact location and time when it happened.


If you choose this option, the Badoo App will try to match you up with other people who share the same interests and hobbies with you. So, you’ll see one encounter at a time and you’ll be able to like the match by tapping on the heart or disliking the match by tapping on the cross. And you can spend your entire day just looking for encounters that fit you. There’s no limit.

Despite it’s perfectly fine to use the free app and don’t pay anything, in case you want some extra features, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee. Some of these features include the ability for you to see who added you as a favorite or who liked your profile. Plus, you’ll be able to chat with all the new members who join Badoo as well as you have the chance to chat with the most popular ladies on the Badoo network.

When you’re just starting with the Badoo App, you may want to spend some bucks to get some exposure to near 100 women.

Differences Between Android & iOS Versions:

There are no differences between the Android and the iOS versions that are worth to be mentioned.

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Review Master Score: 92/100 Points
Author: Badoo
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