Just Rain – a simulator of rain

Just Rain – a simulator of rain

At one time, the simulator of the goat shot at the PC, the game was sold perfectly even at the alpha testing stage. The rain simulator, in my opinion, is a no less original solution.

As such, there is no functionality here. Svaypom vertically, you can adjust the force of the rain, and with a horizontal sweep, the slope. This ends all possibilities. Depending on the strength of the rain, thunder will be seen. This application is primarily for those who want to relax and think about something sad. After all, sometimes this is not enough.

However, it is not recommended to spend too much time in the simulator, it can cause stress and a sense of loneliness. By the way, the sound in the game is quite pleasant and the raindrops sound very realistic, changing in accordance with the power of the rain. The graphics in the game are also pleasant and executed in a minimalistic style of vector graphics.


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