It seems Google found what to replace Android for tablets

It seems Google found what to replace Android for tablets

Google may refuse to further develop the tablet version of Android in favor of Chrome OS, reports The Verge. The possible castling is indicated by the appearance in the current iteration of Chrome OS of a number of functions, obviously oriented to the use of the operating system, including on “tablets”.

The innovations, which, according to colleagues from The Verge, may indicate a rapid change in Google’s priorities for the development of tablets, include a split screen mode for the simultaneous use of two applications, as well as borrowed from Android the function of creating screenshots.

Google’s plans to replace Android for tablets with an adapted version of Chrome OS also confirms support for the latest applications from Google Play and the changes that occurred last summer in the system management interface with the touchscreen. The cherry on the cake was the news of Asus’ readiness to release its tablet on Chrome OS.

Of course, individually collected facts in the material cannot serve as objective evidence of the near failure of Google from the tablet version of Android. Nevertheless, in the aggregate, they make it possible to form some idea of ​​the further development of the tablet market, where iPad still dominates.


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