Google Intends to Abandon Android Wear in Favor of Wear Os

Google Intends to Abandon Android Wear in Favor of Wear Os

Android Wear operating system will soon be rebranded, reports 9To5Google withreference to the content of the preliminary version of the operating system for developers. Everything indicates that with the release of the final build of the update, the software platform will be renamed to Wear OS.


Obviously, Google’s initiative to rename the operating system is dictated by the desire to emphasize its independence from the main platform and functional independence. Rebranding can also start a grandiose transformation in the OS, which has not been heard recently.

In addition, the name change is a logical step for the manufacturer, which does not limit the platform compatibility only with devices running Android. Watches based on Android Wear work fine with gadgets on iOS, which in itself can cause a certain dissonance in the minds of the most sensitive users.

Previously, Google decided to cut off the connection of the payment service Android Pay with the OS with the same name. The company renamed the proprietary contactless payment tool in Google Pay, expanding its functionality and adapting to work in a Chrome Web browser.


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