Google adapts Android for smartphones with a notch in the display

Google adapts Android for smartphones with a notch in the display

Google intends to adapt Android P for smartphones with a cut-out in the display. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to informed sources. According to the interlocutors of the publication, thus the search giant plans to lure the owners of the iPhone X, having played on their affection for design and technology.

“According to people familiar with the situation, Google is working on adapting mobile software for a new generation of smartphones with a characteristic insert at the top of the display,” Bloomberg writes. “This step will enable Android to increase its market power by providing a wide distribution of identification sensors.”

By teaching the Android interface to automatically adapt to the technical “island” in the display, Google will eliminate this need for manufacturers and thus allow them to denser approach the issue of technology development. The most promising of them is the three-dimensional identification of the user by the digital “cast” of his face.

The world’s first smartphone with a slot in the display was the Essential Phone Andy Rubin, and not the iPhone X, as for some reason it is considered. Unlike Apple, which placed a whole set of sensors in the island, Essential chose to limit itself to the front camera only, making the onscreen cut more elegant than the competitor.


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