Epic 2 Wireless Headphones – Your Jog Partner

Epic 2 Wireless Headphones – Your Jog Partner

Wireless earphones have some conspicuous advantages, yet they’re truly valued in the exercise center — or on road, on the trail, or any other place of work out. Their wifelessness’ implies you can stash your phone in your pocket or on your arm without being involved with wires while working out. Remember those minutes you ordinarily spend unwinding your earphones? You can spend them working out.


In any case, there are still tradeoffs with remote earphones, and finding the close flawless pair can take a considerable measure of time and tolerance. For one, earphones are and dependably will be a subjective thing; what fits well and sounds right to me may not for you, and the other way around. Additionally, while the nature of Bluetooth earphones has positively enhanced a great deal in the course of recent years, the sound on a few sets is still liable to make audiophiles recoil. Lastly, there’s value: what amount would you like to spend on earphones that are going to get hammered from sweat, a broken water bottle in your duffel bag, and the majority of alternate components you may open them to?

What it costs?

JLab has made the majority of the right moves with its Epic 2 Wireless Sport Ear buds, from fit to sound to battery life. They cost around a hundred bucks, which isn’t shabby by any methods, however unquestionably not as costly as a portion of the other premium game earphones we considered. Now Epic 2 Wireless price is $99.99.


In the same way as other Bluetooth earphones, the Epic 2’s pair with both iPhone and Android cell phones, and have a standard three-catch remote and mic connected to the link of the ear buds. Some of the time this sort of inline remote can weigh down ear buds or make lopsidedness on one side, however these are light and equitably weighted. They have a tangle-safe, flexible link and accompany eight diverse gel-tips, so they ought to fit an assortment of ears. They do require some finagling when you first put them on — they go over the ear and should be curved in — yet once they’re in there they’re agreeable.



Let’s Wrap it

To wrap things up, a solitary charge will get you 12 hours of battery life and also they have a special IPX5 waterproof rating. This doesn’t mean you ought to run swimming with them, yet they ought to withstand the greater part of the sweat and water bottle spillage you could toss at them.

We recommend: Don’t forget to install Waze if you travel by car!


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