Chrome vs Firefox

Chrome vs Firefox

For the past year it finally became clear to everybody that the struggle for the right to be called “the best desktop browser” will take place only between two contestants. Internet Explorer still keeps rolling down, Opera chose the tactics of self-destruction, so there are only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox left.

By the nature of my job of a reviewer, I always have to use either one browser or another, check their running speed, reliability, system resources usage. But, nevertheless, Firefox has remained my regular browser for many years. And there are good causes for that.


Firefox Settings

One of the most unquestionable advantages of Firefox. We can greatly customize its interface, including location of buttons, panels and address line. And if we add special extensions and user scripts, then we get an opportunity to literally sculpt ourselves the browser convenient just exactly for you.

Chrome interface is virtually impossible to change, unless you take into account the ability to hide\show the bookmarks bar. You must use the exact location of elements developed for you in Google, or … switch to Firefox!


Firefox Themes

And here we go again about appearance.

Themes of Firefox more fully change its design, affecting virtually all elements of interface, including appearance of buttons, panels, command windows and so on. You can pick up a theme to match your OS, wallpapers, or just your mood. There are themes for Chrome as well, but they only influence the background image of the program.

Memory usage

Memory Usage

Well, there was a time (about two or three years ago) when Firefox had an insatiable appetite for RAM and noticeably lost to its competitors. A lot has changed since then. The developers have paid great attention to this aspect of optimization, and their efforts were not in vain. Today Firefox has the lowest requirements, unlike Chrome, in which the need for RAM can slow down even a fairly powerful system.

Don’t you believe? Look, for instance, at this freshest research on this subject. And then take our pieces of advice or… start using Firefox.


Google gets paid for ad demonstration. The more it knows about you and your interests, the more productive ads will be, the greater the company’s revenues will be. Is it necessary to continue?

Yes, Google collects information about us, including using their own browser. In contrast, Firefox is an open product of a non-commercial organization Mozilla Foundation, which pays special attention to security and privacy in its products. The code of the browser is open and distributed under the triple license GPL / LGPL / MPL, which allows everyone who wants to check it for the presence of undocumented malicious functions.


Speed ​​has always been the trump card of Chrome, its hallmark. But time zips along, and today it seems one can argue about it. Yes, it is a delicate issue, milliseconds count, and the result is too dependent on the method of testing. However, in the comparative testing of the popular resource, which can hardly be suspected in the level of bias, it was Firefox which received the honorable first prize.

To sum up, it is the product of Mozilla that is the undeniable leader today in many respects, and it is my personal choice. Although, for the sake of objectivity, it should be acknowledged that there are areas where Firefox considerably exceeds Google Chrome. But it will be an another article…



  1. Marcia

    This computer has Microsoft 7, and lately, I have been having problems. After some investigating, I found that Google and Microsoft, very well, do have a problem which I read that Microsoft is aware, but, has not done anything about. I switched ti Firefox and so far I have not had any problems.

  2. jilly

    Mozilla FireFox is really the best, I see you love it as much as I love it. But Chrome is also a good browser.

  3. Olivia

    During long time i used Firefox as my browser , but after i started to notice that working of PC became slower, there were problems with uploading of websites. So i shifted to Chrome and now pleased with it.

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