Change WhatsApp font: That’s how it works

Change WhatsApp font: That’s how it works

For those who want to change the WhatsApp font, there are now a few options. So a little variety and life comes into the chat history of the popular messenger app. Use our guide to learn how to customize the WhatsApp font on iOS and Android powered smartphones.

If you want to change the WhatsApp font on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you have different options depending on the device type. Samsung smartphones offer the most variations, as changing the system font affects the Messenger app’s font equally:

  • First open the settings.
  • Then tap “My device”.
  • Now select “Display”.
  • Now you can choose one of five fonts under “Writing Style” or load many others from the Google Play Store onto your smartphone.

Unfortunately, you do not have these options in iOS. Nevertheless, there is a way to quickly redesign the font. All you need to do is type quotation marks (“) with no spaces before and after the text, and the font that appears after the message is sent reminiscent of a typewriter.This will work with Android devices as well way, before and after entering the text, the font will appear bold.

Add variety to the WhatsApp font with an app

There is another way you can change the WhatsApp font. As for so many needs of users, developers have created an app in this case as well. With Fontsy you can choose from a variety of fonts. To do this you must type in your text directly in the app and then transfer it to WhatsApp using “Copy” and “Paste”. Fontsy is available in an Android and iOS version.


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