Android P can get the long-awaited function

Android P can get the long-awaited function

Google intends to introduce into the release version of Android P the function of recording incoming and outgoing calls, Ubergizmo reports with reference to the Android Source Open Project code. The study showed that the software platform includes a signal with a frequency of 1400 Hz, which is necessary to notify the interlocutor of the recording of the conversation.

It is reported that the innovation is likely to be available to not all users because of its controversial purpose. Given the possible problems with the laws of several countries, it can be assumed that Google will simply disable the recording function where it can be outlawed, in order to avoid conflict with local authorities.

The release of the first beta build Android P, whose exact name is still unknown, may occur in March. The release of the full version of the update, by tradition, will take place not earlier than the end of September or beginning of October. That’s when Google will introduce an updated line of flagship Pixel smartphones, which will be the first to work on Android P.


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