Android Mirror App

Android Mirror App

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When you’re looking for a mirror that allows you to have more quality and control than simply using the camera of your smartphone or tablet, the best choice you have is the Mirror App. Allowing you to control the image reflexion by using the brightness and zoom functions, you’ll be able to see even the smallest details. Plus, and despite some people state that it doesn’t work very well when the lighting is poor, this is probably due to the smartphone or tablet they’re using.

Either to check up your makeup or hair, to put on your lenses, or simply to enlighten a dark space, the Mirror App is definitely one that you should consider downloading. Unfortunately, you need to have an Android phone or tablet because this app isn’t available for iPhone or iPad.

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Android Mirror App Review:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Works in low light conditions
  • The zoom and brightness controls are easy to use and work well
  • Great for last minute touch ups
  • Very handy tool
  • Allows you to freeze the image
  • It’s free.
  • Some people claim it doesn’t have the clarity or resolution they need. This might depend on the smartphone or tablet that you’re using as well as on your Android version.
  • It’s only available for Android.

Many people, and not just women, like to carry their own mirror with them. Either to check some spot on the face, the makeup, general appearance, or to simply put the contact lenses on, the purposes are endless. So, what most people does is that they use the camera on their smartphones. However, not all the cameras are good and you may not be seeing yourself as clearly as you want. So, you now have the solution for this problem - the Mirror App.

General Description:

The Mirror App is available for Android and it has some remarkable features that can’t even be compared to other similar apps in the market.

App Interface / Usability:

There’s no simpler app to use as the Mirror App. Even if you never used any app before, you won’t have any problems. All you need to do is to download it from the Google Play Store and open it. You’ll immediately see your reflection and it’s ready to be used.

One of the things that sets the Mirror App apart from their competitors is the controls it offers. You can use the zoom and adjust the brightness of your reflection.


When you need or simply want to carry a mirror always next to you, one of the best choices you have is the Mirror App. Full of features, it is very easy to use and highly intuitive.

The Mirror App isn’t just one more app that you have on your smartphone or tablet. It’s the only app that offers you the ability to actually see yourself in a mirror. And to do so, you can use the different options it provides you. You can take advantage of the zoom to zoom in and out to make sure your appearance is absolutely great. Another feature that it has is that you can adjust the brightness. One of the more common problems stated by other mirror app users is the fact that they’re not able to see themselves with clarity. And this is something that you can do with the Mirror App, thanks to the brightness adjustment. And even if the lightning is weak, you’ll be able to see how you look.

But the advantages of using the Mirror App don’t stop here. Sometimes, you’re just looking at yourself in the mirror, any mirror, and you start posing as if you were going to take a selfie. This is how many people find their best faces for taking photos. And with the Mirror App, you can take that precious selfie. When you’re using the app, just freeze the image and capture that special moment. Even if you don’t want to make the photo, you don’t have to because it will be saved in the gallery.

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Review Master Score: 81/100 Points
Author: MMAppsMobile
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